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Travel… for some the word brings delight. Others think inconvenience. Funnily enough, those who enjoy traveling normally compromise on comfort and expect less when traveling to foreign countries. I am not referring to eating with locals, submersing yourself in local culture and enjoying what’s available where you happen to be. Those experiences ARE part of the pleasures of traveling and having an open mind. I refer to the fact that normally one of the main factors contributing to this compromise is budget constraints.

However, who wouldn’t like to fly first class, stay in luxurious hotels and dine in gastronomical restaurants? Even if you’re well off and able to afford these pleasures, I can guarantee that you will enjoy them even more if they cost you virtually nothing or a nominal amount.

The Good Life…

We have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to almost 70 countries and territories utilizing the tips and tricks we will be sharing with you throughout this blog. You can check out the About Us page to see where and let us know if you need recommendations for any of those countries.

I will be offering advice on how to maximize your normal habits and implement new ones with minimal efforts on your part in order to achieve the best travel ROI (return on investment) for your time. We are all busy and most will not want to dedicate large amounts of time to this game. With just changing one habit and following one trick you can earn as little as one economy flight or as much as multiple business class flights. This trick only takes 15 minutes. What is it? Stay tuned…

The title states that the blog itself will be on a journey. I want this blog to be organic: adapting, changing, and evolving. How? YOU. Your feedback, interests and wants are what we will be discussing as well. Feel free to reach out to me at with any requests or help you need.

What can you expect and what makes this site different from others? Isaac Newton most famously quoted, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Some of the basic information on this site can be found on the internet and we’ve also learned a ton from multiple travel gurus in the US. However, since we live in Europe and due to a lack of European perspectives and insight, we will also focus on how to play this game here. There will be reviews of airlines, hotels, restaurants and other travel experiences and since I think life is enjoyed much more when there is variety, there will be guest bloggers from time to time. These articles may be in different languages to appeal to our European audience. We will also have contests and prize giveaways. The first one coming soon…

Since we’re multilingual, feel free to reach out to us in any of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. If you would like any posting translated or explained more in detail in your language, let us know.

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Welcome, Benvenuti, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Bem-vindos et Bienvenue! Enjoy the journey with us!


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