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GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: Emirates A380 – First Suites

GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: Emirates A380 – First Suites Route: Houston (IAH) – Dubai (DXB) – 15H05M Showers while flying through the air at 800 km/hour… need I say more! If you must, keep reading about the Emirates A380 – First Suites. The Experience The Emirates lounge in Houston is not dedicated and is a decent lounge but nothing impressive. One positive aspect was the good old Texas brisket that was served. However, this wasn’t the main attraction that I was waiting for. We left 45 minutes before our flight departed and headed to our gate. Upon boarding the upper deck of the A380 we turned left towards the first class cabin and found our seats. The crew helped with our coats, brought our pajamas and amenity kits and brought the pre-departure drinks. The service was very good and any special requests were handled promptly. One of the crew members

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2014 Year in Review

Self examination time: Is this hobby worth the time I’ve invested thus far? I like to evaluate where my time goes and if my ROI is sufficient. If not, change is essential. Enjoying first class flights and high end hotels is great but if you’re spending the same or more time (and time=money) than you would working and just booking what you like then it may not be worth it.     So how’d I do and what does it mean? I’ve run down the spoils of the past year to see what types of savings ($) and expenditures (miles/points & time) I’ve spent. Here’s the 2014 year breakout: Flights Miles redeemed:                                 738,498 Total flight segments:                         58 USD ($) saved by using

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GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner – Business

GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner – Business Route: Frankfurt (FRA) – Addis Ababa (ADD) – Lusaka (LUN) – Harare (HRE) 11H50M The Good: Friendly service and good meals   Normal cost: USD$2906   Our cost: USD$78.10 + 37.5K United miles The Bad: Service needs polishing up from a service and professionalism perspective The Ugly: Beat up seats and hardware I had flown Ethiopian Airlines once before about two years ago. Although initially I was a bit concerned which condition the aircraft would have, it turned out to be a fairly new 737 if memory serves me right. We were more than impressed (due to low expectations) with the service and food at that time. That being said, we decided to use Ethiopian to fly their 787 Dreamliner down to Zimbabwe. We had a connecting flight in Addis but the plane was still a 787 followed by a stop

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