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GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: British Airways 747-400 – First Class
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GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Flight: British Airways 747-400 – First Route: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) – London Heathrow (LHR) – 9H00M The Good: Meals and seat          Normal cost:$10,695 USD          Our cost: $490 USD + 62.5K American Airline miles The Bad: The cabin felt dated The Ugly: None   I had heard a lot about British Airways 747-400 first class service so I was looking forward to experiencing their service and equipment. We used a total of 82,500 American Airline miles per person (20K going in Economy since they were day flights and 62.5K returning in First – night flights). One thing to keep in mind is that redeeming on BA does have high surcharges and even removing the economy segment would have resulted in the same tax surcharge. Being that we wanted to test out BA’s first, we went for it. When we landed

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Avianca bonus 2×1 miles purchase – until Sep. 30
Avianca 2x1 sep 2014

Avianca is at it again, selling LifeMiles with a 100% bonus. This is not as lucrative as their 3X1 offers in May 2014 and December 2013 but if you’re thinking of purchasing some miles for immediate use this may come in handy to save some cash. However, I do not recommend buying these miles unless you have a trip already in mind. This offer is only valid from the 2nd until the 30th of September which is much longer than the 4 or 1 day spans for the 3×1 offers respectively. The 1000 miles will cost USD $30 + tax and buying a block of 1000 miles will get you 2000. Keep in mind that starting October 1st, 2014 the price to buy a block of 1000 miles will go up to USD $33. You can purchase by visiting this site, calling the call centers (phone numbers here) or by visiting one of

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50 easy Avios points

Iberia is running a new competition called ‘Iberia Summer Flights’ where you can win one of 600 Iberia flights. The breakdown is as follows: 300 of these are domestic Spanish flights 200 are flights to anywhere in Europe 100 are long-haul economy flights from Madrid on Iberia. However, every participant will receive 50 Avios points just for entering your Avios number here. It takes a click and a few seconds to enter your info and a second click to Validate. Besides earning the points and entering the promotion, this is also a good way to get some activity in your account. You can gain additional entries is by having partner activity. As a side note, the Avios points did not post instantly for me but will update when they do. Enjoy a quick and easy way to get some free Avios!

GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Hotel: Kempinski Hotel River Park – Part 2!

GTHQ Jaunt Journal – Hotel: Kempinski Hotel River Park – Bratislava, Slovakia Location: Dvořákovo nábrežie 7528/6, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia; Old city, Castle – 5 min taxi This is the second time I stay at this location but felt that I was able to more fully enjoy the breadth of offerings. I also brought my wife along (who also benefited from everything including the spa!) and we spent the weekend which gave us time to visit the city. To see my initial review of this property go here. I will be focusing more on the experiences and other features as well as some tips and tricks on Bratislava. The Room The Plaza View Room was very similar to the room I stayed in last time which was a small upgrade for being a Platinum member. As the name states, it had a view of the plaza. Something of interest for all

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