The Challenge of Hertz Bonus Offers


Not getting your bonus offer?   You tried customer service, you tried the Hertz Claim Points page and don’t know what to do next try emailing your case to:



Hertz often sends emails soliciting bonus offers like the one below:

This past summer I put Hertz bonus offers to the test.  Below are the results of my rentals.  Please note you must click the REGISTER NOW link in the email to qualify for the bonus.  Save your confirmations, just in case Hertz asks.


September 2017

  1. Rented three separate days. One more day then required.


  1. Bonus points didn’t post by Oct 31 as stated when calling Hertz loyalty customer support.


  1. Request missing points page provides no way to correspond with hertz about bonus points. I  tried and Hertz sends a reply in 5 days stating: “006 DUPLICATE REQUEST FOUND”.  Side note, often I received zero points for rentals and need to request missing points.  I will at times get the same reply.  Usually a phone call or email to the address below will resolve the problem.


  1. I began emailing


  1. Initially Hertz said I didn’t qualify because rentals need to be a minimum of 2 days.



  1. I replied stating the terms of service for the bonus didn’t state that, see below. After several more rounds of emails, Hertz apologized and gave me the 1100 bonus points.

Terms and Conditions

Only select Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® members are eligible for this offer. Residency in the U.S. or Canada is required. As per the terms of this offer, select members are eligible to earn 550 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points after completing one qualifying rental and an additional 550 points upon completing the second rental from 9/1 to 9/30/17. Member must select to receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points on the reservations. Registration is required to participate in this promotion. Only rentals made after the date of registration will qualify for the promotion.

Each qualifying rental must be a minimum of one full-day, paid rental of $25 or more (time and mileage charges only) to qualify for this promotion. Rentals must be picked up at a point-participating Hertz location. Points will not be awarded on rentals accruing other frequent travel program points. It may take up to four weeks from the end of the promotion period before bonus points will be added to the member’s account. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards point redemptions exclude taxes, fees and options. Standard rental qualifications and return restrictions apply. Advance reservations required. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate and/or invalidate this offer. This offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP number. The minimum age for this offer is 21 and age differential charges may apply. All Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rules apply. Go to for Gold Plus Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.


I have encountered this issue with bonus points three months in a row: August – October 2017.  In conclusion, if you are willing to audit and persistently bagger Hertz you will get the bonus points.  However, in view of time spent, for those earning more than $20 USD/hour it’s probably not worth your effort to peruse these offers.  They are more bate then loyalty offers.

Perhaps of interest, around June 2017  Hertz was searching for a Global Loyalty program Director.  Being a business operations and information systems professional I inquired about the.  I mentioned problems with the global loyalty/customer service and offered a few best practice solutions.  I never received a reply or even a thank you but no thank you…

Though this looks negative, I have many positive rental experiences with Hertz.  They are still one of my go to providers.  Overall, they offer a good rental experience.  Their loyalty program and customer service need improvement in comparison to similar programs.  I will continue to rent from Hertz when their price is competitive but not for the bonus.  If you have positive or negative experience with Hertz Gold+ or Loyalty programs we would love to hear from you.


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