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1K Heinemann M&M Card

There’s a fantastic offer going on if you happen to plan to go to Copenhagen, Denmark – and it’s even better if you live there. I recently received an email from Heinemann Duty Free Shops explaining a promotion that’s going on at the moment and will continue for the rest of the year. Their shops are located throughout 25 European airports and the list can be found here. Strange that Copenhagen is not listed there but it is on their Careers Page.

First of all, make sure to have a Miles and More account. Also, even though it is not stated, I would recommend joining Heinemann’s program to ensure there are no issues. If you haven’t joined go here to register and add your Miles and More info in the registration form.

To take advantage of this offer you will need to shop at the Heinemann location in CPH airport. For EVERY* purchase you will receive 1000 Miles and More bonus miles + the miles for the purchase amount by showing your M&M card. Plus if you pay with your M&M credit card (or another miles earning card with no foreign transaction fee) you’ll add more miles on top of that. A nice triple dip! You can purchase a box of chocolates for as little as 5 euros and still get your 1000 miles. Easy 1K M&M miles! One purchase per DAY per PERSON.

The promotion period is from 1st of March until the 31st of December 2014 so in theory you can rack up almost 300,000 miles if you really want M&M miles and stopped by every day 🙂 Being that the airport is 15 minutes from the city center, if you’re a resident of Copenhagen, this would be worth the occasional trip to the airport if there is a Heinemann pre security.

The terms mention: * Offer extends to entire product range, with the exception of duty-paid tobacco products, beverages in returnable bottles, magazines, newspapers and books. Valid at all Heinemann Tax Free Shops at Copenhagen Airport. Valid for one purchase per person and day.

For more info, go to Heinemann’s website here.

Heinemann CPH 1K M&M

Has anybody already passed by?


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