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Just like last December, Avianca’s 3×1 miles purchase is back. I just received the following email from Avianca which states that if you buy a block of 1000 miles you will receive a total of 3000. This offer is only valid from the 20th until the 23rd of May. The 1000 miles will cost USD $30 + tax. You can purchase by calling the call centers (phone numbers here) or by visiting one of their offices. The catch is that this is a targeted offer for inactive accounts.

A few points from the T&C:

  • Only one purchase can be made during this promotion
  • Min 1000 miles; Max 20,000 miles purchased
  • Must have received the email
  • Cannot exceed 150,000 purchased miles in a year (includes bonuses from buying miles)

An additional point is that starting October 1st, 2014 the price to buy a block of 1000 miles will go up by 10% to USD $33.

How good are Avianca miles? Gary has a post explaining this more in detail. A word of caution: Avianca has devalued their award chart with no notice before so if you get in on this deal I would recommend having a redemption in mind.

Are you jumping on this offer?

Avianca 3x1 May 2014


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  4. Went to the Avianca office in NYC today. They showed me heir internal web site info (in Spanish) on the 3X. I was told it said you had to have 9 (zero) miles in your account and it had to be inactive back to 2012 to get the 3X. So I just bought some at 2X

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